The Audi Team

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Roger Man
Director of Sales

Dan Hetherington
Sales Manager

Dan began his career in the automotive industry with Audi Winnipeg over 17 years ago. As our Sales Manager, his leadership skills and positive attitude help our team succeed year after year. His favourite vehicle in the Audi line-up is the S5 Sportback, soon to be replaced by the RS5 Sportback. 

Chris Dare
Certified Pre-Owned Sales Manager| Bilingual: Cantonese

Chris started off with Audi Winnipeg as an Audi Brand Specialist three years ago. Recently, he took on a new role as our Certified Pre-Owned Manager. Chris is in charge of all of the used inventory and demo models we carry on our lot. With over eight years of experience in the luxury automotive business, his passion and knowledge help our team thrive here at Audi. Out of our entire line-up, Chris would have to choose the 2018 Audi Q5 as his favourite vehicle.  

Dale Champagne
Lease Retention Specialist

Dale started off his career with Volkswagen, and has transitioned into the high luxury brand of Audi. He's spent over 22 years in the automotive industry. Like many of our Audi Brand Specialists, Dale's favourite vehicle to drive is the Audi RS 7. The practical design in combination with the sport aspect are what make the vehicle so attractive. He's our veteran Audi Brand Specialist with lots of knowledge to share on the vehicles. 

Jeff Harochaw
Audi Sport Specialist

Jeff has been in the automotive industry and at Audi Winnipeg for over 12 years. His favourite vehicle is the Audi SQ5. When Jeff isn't working he loves to spend time with his family, especially if it involves traveling. Jeff is our go-to Audi Sport Specialist. Feel free to contact him with any questions regarding Audi Sport models. 

Jor-El Schroeder
Audi Brand Specialist

Jor-El has been working in the auto industry for over nine years. His love for the luxury brands are what brought him to Audi Winnipeg five years ago. There's no mistaking Jor-El's passion for the Audi brand and all of the vehicles we have to offer. Although he has many favourites, the top pick for Jor-El would be the S5 Sportback. 

Justin Livingstone
Audi Brand Specialist

Justin has been in the automotive industry for over eight years and joined us at Audi Winnipeg in November 2017. His knowledge of luxury vehicles and brands is quite extensive. Justin is very detail oriented and likes to focus on the technology features that come in the Audi models. His favourite vehicle in the line-up is the Audi RS 3.

Miao Fang
Audi Brand Specialist | Bilingual: Mandarin

Miao is one of our bilingual Audi Brand Specialists, fluent in both English and Mandarin. Miao started his career in the car business with Audi Winnipeg over two years ago. During that time, he has helped expand our client base and really help push the Audi Winnipeg brand to the next level. His favourite thing about Audi is the quattro driving system.  






Cole Friesen
Audi Brand Specialist

Cole is currently our youngest Audi Brand Specialist! Although he is the young one, he has a vast knowledge of the luxury car industry. He joined us in January 2018 and stepped into his new role as an Audi Brand Specialist with ease. Cole has spent over seven years in the car industry, but you could say the industry runs in the family. He's been working at a family dealership since he was just 12 years old, cleaning cars and learning the ropes. What he loves about Audi is the attention to detail in the vehicles and the brand. 

Carol Poon
Sales Administration



Brittany Adair
Director of Finance

Brittany has been with us at Audi Winnipeg since 2015. She graduated from Red River College with a diploma in Business Administration - Accounting. She is an integral part to our team bringing both leadership and finance skills to ensure the buying experience for our customers is World Class . Prior to Audi, she has experience in accounting and working at financial institutions. 



Cindy Thompson
Marketing Manager

Cindy has been with Audi Winnipeg for over six years and runs the Marketing Department which involves playing key roles in every aspect of the business. Cindy manages all our online marketing, social media, event planning, branding and all other advertising mediums. She brings over 20 years of marketing and communication expertise which continues to grow as the marketing world changes.

David Couture Jr.
Merchandising Coordinator

David has been with Audi Winnipeg for over two years, with previous experience in the auto industry. He studied Photography and Business Admin at Red River College, which lead to his passion for car photography. As Merchandiser, David ensures that every detail of our vehicles is captured perfectly so what you see on our website is exactly what you see when you come to the dealership. He loves taking photos of anything and everything, and spending time with his family and friends.

Janessa Wirth
Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

Janessa has been with Audi Winnipeg for over a year. She graduated from Red River College with a diploma in Creative Communications, as well as the University of Winnipeg with a BA in Rhetoric and Communications. Social media is a big part of her life, as she spends all day trying to uncover new trends and helping the Audi brand grow online. When she's not working she loves yoga, spending time with her boyfriend and finding the best pizza places. 


Guest Services

Sydney Horvath

Sydney has been with Audi Winnipeg for over a year. She is one of the first faces you'll see as you enter the dealership. Sydney loves the people she works with here at Audi. When she's not at work, she loves to bake, hang out with her friends and read. 

Kelly McDougall
Part-Time Receptionist

Kelly has been with Audi Winnipeg for over three years. She studies at the University of Manitoba by day; working on her Agricultural Business Degree. She is with us at our front desk during the evenings and weekends, and always greets our clients with a smiling face. When Kelly isn't working she enjoys a good book and outdoor activities. 

Natalia Harochaw
Part-Time Concierge

Natalia has been with Audi Winnipeg for a year, starting off in our Satellite Store in May 2017 and moving over to our new dealership in February 2018. She's currently studying at Red River College and the University of Winnipeg in Business Administration. She loves spending time with her friends, family and her dog Max. 

Gerald Stepnuk
Courtesy Driver

Gerry has been with Audi Winnipeg for over three years. He was previously in the education industry as a Teacher/Administrator. He now works on our courtesy shuttle team, ensuring our clients get where they need to go every day. Gerry loves the Audi Q7 and when he's not busy working, he likes to travel and spend time finding new adventures outdoors. 

Frank Den Ouden
Courtesy Driver

Frank has been with Audi Winnipeg for over two years. Before coming to Audi, he was a Regional Manager for Nav Canada. He now spends his time driving our clients to and from our dealership. His favourite vehicle here is the TT RS and he loves spending time with his family. 

Jeff Coates
Courtesy Driver

Jeff has been with Audi Winnipeg for over six years on our shuttle team. He is a retired detective who loves to travel and attend Winnipeg Jets games. Jeff's job is to ensure all of our clients get to and from our dealership safely. Jeff's favourite Audi is our RS 7, which unfortunately for Jeff is not one of our courtesy shuttle vehicles. 

Robert Smith
Courtesy Driver

Robert has been with Audi Winnipeg for over four years as a shuttle driver. He previously studied Plant Science at the University of Manitoba. When he's not driving our clients around, he loves travelling and spending time at the cottage. His favourite vehicle? The Audi A8. 

Burns Paddock
Courtesy Driver

Burns has been with Audi Winnipeg for over two years. Prior to Audi, he spent time as an Agricultural Sales Manager. His favourite vehicle in our inventory is the Audi A3. When Burns isn't driving our clients around, he volunteers teaching English to new immigrants and enjoys exercising. 

Don Mason
Courtesy Driver



Kyle Braun
Fixed Operations Manager

Kyle has been with Audi Winnipeg for over fifteen years. He previously studied at the Georgian Automotive College - CADA. Kyle enjoys spending time with his young family, watching Blue Bomber games and playing hockey. 

Keith Bell
Service Consultant

Keith has been in the auto industry for over 34 years,four of which have been with Audi Winnipeg. Interesting enough, Keith has remained with the German brands throughout his entire career. When he's not busy at work, he likes to head out to the cabin with his family to fish and hunt. 

Ryan Haggan
Audi Sport Service Advisor

A passion for cars starting at the very young age of nine years old for Ryan and has continued to grow alongside his career at Audi Winnipeg. He began his automotive career in the collision center where his talents earned him his Red Seal in automotive paint. From there, Ryan moved into the Audi Service department and became the Audi Sport Service Specialist.  

Nick Harder
Service Consultant

Nick has been with Audi Winnipeg for over a year, previously working in the restaurant industry. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and music. 

Alan Fang
Service Advisor | Bilingual: Chinese

Alan joined us at Audi Winnipeg when our new dealership opened in February 2018. He is a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a degree in Economy and Psychology. He's a very adventurous guy; taking part in fishing, archery, tennis and hiking. 

Michelle Richardson
Transportation Specialist

Michelle has been with Audi Winnipeg for over a year as our Transportation Coordinator. She plays a vital role at our dealership; ensuring all of our clients get to and from the dealership in an efficient manor. She loves spending time outdoors with her friends and family. 

Cliff Spence
Shop Foreman

Ryan Jacobson
Audi Master Technician

Rui Arruda
Audi Certified Technician

Gary Uppal
Audi Certified Technician

Dominic Brunette
Audi Certified Apprentice

Tom Bewza
Audi Certified Apprentice

Daegan Teffaine-Bast
Audi Certified Apprentice

Erik Gaminek
Audi Certified Apprentice

Mitchell Schramm
Audi Certified Apprentice

Nealon Almario
Audi Certified Apprentice

Reynold Bergen

Kevin Nguyen
Audi Certified Apprentice

Cole Friesen
Apprentice Technician



Amy Fakes
Parts Manager

Amy has been with Audi Winnipeg for over a year, but has spent a total of more than twenty years in the auto parts industry. She loves off-roading, reading, working out and discovering the awesome activities and restaurants that Winnipeg has to offer. 

Kevin Palmer
Assistant Parts Manager

Kevin has been with Audi Winnipeg for over a year and in the auto industry for more than eight years. He is a vital part to our Parts Team ensuring that everything stays under control in the back end. He loves cars and likes to spend his spare time in the great outdoors. 

Megan Paille
Parts Representative

Megan has been with Audi Winnipeg for over two years. She spent four years previously in after market parts. Some of Megan's favourite things include cooking, reading and watching Netflix. 

Melanie Browne
Parts Advisor

Dave Murphy
Shipping & Receiving

Dave has been with Audi Winnipeg for over four years. He previously worked with the Canadian Forces. Dave keeps the shipping and receiving running in tip top shape here at Audi. When he's not busy working he enjoys sports, watching movies, camping and fishing. 


Inventory Maintenance

Andrew Junkin
Inventory Manager

Andrew has been with Audi Winnipeg for over thirteen years. Prior to being our Inventory Manager, he worked as a Technician. He is an Automotive Technician by trade. Andrew is a huge Winnipeg Jets and Blue Bomber fan and likes to spend time at the lake with his family. 

David Keo

Cameron Chanthavong
Sales Lot Attendant

Cameron joined the team at Audi Winnipeg in February 2018. He isn't currently a student, but would love to pursue mechanics or vehicle sales in the future. When he's not working, he likes to play basketball and game with his friends. 

Darryl Cabaltera
Sales Detailer | Bilingual: French

Darryl has been with Audi Winnipeg for over four months, previously coming from Winnipeg Kia. When he's not busy making our cars look tip top, he likes to hang out with friends.

Austin Klotz
Sales Detailer

Austin has been with Audi Winnipeg since we moved into our new building in February 2018. He has previous experience as a car detailer and brings his expertise to our growing team. In his spare time he enjoys playing hockey. 

Soph Chap
Service Wash Team

Sophy joined the team at Audi Winnipeg in February 2018. He is part of our service wash team, ensuring that any client cars that come in for service leave cleaner than they arrived. When he's not working, he likes to play poker and walk his dog. 

Cole (Huanshuo) Xu
Service Wash Team | Bilingual: Mandarin

Cole joined the team at Audi Winnipeg in February 2018. He comes to us all the way from China, where he was doing after market service. Previously, Cole was studying network and computer tech in MITT. He likes to drive around and play video games when he's not working. 

Murray Lamoureux
Sales Detailer

Murray has been with Audi Winnipeg for over eight years. He works part-time with us and full-time with CP Rail. Murray loves his cars and spends lots of time detailing them to make them look top notch. When he's not busy with cars, he likes to spend time with his family. 



Shannon Jaremy-Harder
Office Manager

Mallory Balfour
Contract Processing Clerk

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Sandi has been with Audi Winnipeg for over eleven years. She is part of our Accounts Payable/Receivable team, which is a crucial part to our operations! She loves to spend time with her grandchildren. 


Senior Management

Gerald Boiteau
General Manager

Gerald Boiteau has been in the automotive industry for over 28 years, joining Audi Winnipeg as the General Manager in May 2018. He has experience in multiple different dealership settings, bringing lots of skills and leadership to our team. Gerald enjoys being in the auto industry as he says it gets better and better each day. He loves spending time with his family at the cottage. Gerald wants to thank all of our clients for making us your dealership of choice!


David Pestrak CPA,CA